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Advancing research together through OpenInnovation

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Collaborations Opportunities

  • Pre-clinical Toolbox

    Compounds with optimized pharmacological properties are available for preclinical research to explore novel disease biology and advance scientific knowledge. Submit an application >

    Target Innovation

    AstraZeneca is extending our culture of open collaboration within early discovery by the introduction of the Target Innovation Programme. Submit an application >

    Data Library

    Are you looking to access preclinical data to further advance understanding of human disease and safety? We are providing access to data sets to enhance understanding of translation to human. Submit an application >
  • New Molecule Profiling

    New Molecule Profiling provides the opportunity to have your novel compounds screened in relevant disease biology assays that will serve as the foundation for further collaborative work. Read more >

    Drug Delivery Technology

    Screening of novel drug delivery technologies in our new modalities: mRNA, ASO, siRNA, CRISPR-Cas9 & molecules beyond
    the 'rule of five' Submit an application >

    Clinical Compound

    Welcome to the AstraZeneca Externally Sponsored Scientific Research Operations System website. Read more & submit a solution >