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Advancing research together through OpenInnovation

Looking to advance your research?
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New Molecule Profiling

New Molecule Profiling provides the opportunity to have your novel compounds screened in relevant disease biology assays that will serve as the foundation for further collaborative work. By providing access to sophisticated cheminformatics and screening technologies as well as physical chemistry profiling, we aim to form partnerships with top global research talent and ultimately advance the discovery of novel therapeutics to improve patient’s lives.

Why Use AstraZeneca’s New Molecule Open Innovation Module?

AstraZeneca offers external investigators access to our modern drug discovery screening programme, representing a broad range of assays spanning therapeutic areas of current scientific interest all while maintaining structure confidentiality. All generated data and intellectual property rights are retained by the external investigator.

The Open Innovation application enables efficient transfer of information between AstraZeneca and the external investigator to support collaboration. AstraZeneca will negotiate further access to molecules of interest and/or to partner with the external investigator to advance promising discoveries