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Target Innovation and Drug Delivery

We are pleased that you wish to submit a proposal to Target Innovation or Drug Delivery. To make the submission process as easy as possible, here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll need to have ready:

  • Your research proposal
  • Research work plan and timeline
  • Relevant publications to support your application
  • Name and email of a representative in your technology transfer office who will be responsible for signing the agreement. More information for your TTO can be found in the “TTO” Information tab on the left
  • For Target Innovation only: Which screening sets you wish to access
  • For Target Innovation only: You will be able to fill this information in on our online form or upload the template document already filled in with your proposal. You can access the Target Innovation template here.
  • For Drug Delivery only: Which drug modalities you are interested in accessing

When you are ready, click the "Submit a proposal" button below to begin.